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Live Life in the Moment, Not in your Head
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Live Life in the Moment, Not in your Head
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Live Life in the Moment, Not in your Head
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Dr. Aneesa Shariff, Director & Clinical Psychologist

Hi, I’m Dr. Aneesa Shariff. I’m a Canadian raised and trained psychologist now living in the UK. I’m also a parent to two young children and know how difficult it can be to achieve a healthy work life balance while attending to the demands of career and family. I’ve experienced the anxiety and imposter syndrome that comes with passing up career opportunities due to worrying about how I am going to get it all done, and whether I have what it takes.

I've also experienced a significant trauma in my life, and understand how scary it can feel to confront this head on. Being out the other side, I realise the value of having to go through the trenches to reap the benefits of no longer being triggered by reminders of my trauma. We are all human and struggle in life- psychologists are no exception to this! In my sessions, I find it important to relate to you as a person as well as a professional. This means that I prioritise making you feel safe, respected, and see you as a person, not just a problem to be fixed.

Having worked in the NHS for years, I also understand what it is like to work in a fast paced environment where things are always changing and stress levels run high. I have worked in adult mental health, employee well being, and long term health conditions in the NHS in senior level specialist posts, providing leadership, developing and evaluating services, therapy, training, and supervision. 

It’s not easy asking for professional help and opening up to a stranger about all the things that make you feel vulnerable. I try to create a non judgemental, warm, and collaborative space for you to feel comfortable, and invite feedback at the end of every session. I'm also passionate about culturally inclusive therapy and have published research and served as a media expert with the BBC on several occasions. In my sessions, this means that I embrace talking about your religious faith, cultural background, spiritual beliefs, or any experiences of racism or discrimination, and will tailor the approach and techniques to fit with your cultural beliefs and background.

Ethical, Evidence Based Therapy

As an HCPC registered clinical psychologist, I am ethically required to use well researched, clincally proven models in my work and follow NICE guidelines. I balance listening, empathy, and insight with teaching of active techniques you can apply in your outside life to gain coping skills.

I also believe strongly in personalising the therapy approach for each client and have the specialist training to draw on many different therapy models, including CBT. 

Therapy is a significant investment of your time, money, and emotional resources.  You deserve to work with someone who can provide a high quality, personalised treatment plan and adapt the approach as you go along to fit your needs.


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