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Live Life in the Moment, Not in your Head
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Live Life in the Moment, Not in your Head
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Live Life in the Moment, Not in your Head
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Our Mission

We aim to provide evidence based, specialist psychological services that you can trust. As scientist- practitioners and Clinical psychologists, we are committed to providing the highest standards of care in an emotionally safe environment. We are skilled in multiple therapy models and are committed to ongoing training and supervision to stay innovative and effective in our work. We provide individually tailored therapy- no “one size fits all” manualised approach with us!

We are also people as well as psychologists and believe that we all struggle in life, it’s part of us what makes us human. We provide a non judgemental, compassionate, and collaborative space for you to feel understood, respected, and comfortable to work with us.

Our Values

  • Compassionate

We believe that authentic connection and empathy are the foundation for building a trusting therapeutic relationship where you can feel supported to engage in therapy. We will communicate with you honestly and compassionately while gently challenging old ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving

  • Collaborative

We believe in working alongside you with honesty and transparency toward shared therapeutic goals. We will bring our skills, knowledge, and experience to therapy while you will bring your own lived experiences and personal goals to the processlina trochez ktPKyUs3Qjs unsplash

  • Respectful

We believe in creating a therapeutic space where you feel heard, validated, and accepted. We will respect you as an individual with your own lived experiences and cultural values

  • Excellence

We believe in providing evidence based care that has demonstrated effectiveness in research. Our methods, interventions, and approaches will be grounded in science. We will regularly engage in training and professional development to keep our knowledge and skills fresh and up to date


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