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Live Life in the Moment, Not in your Head
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Live Life in the Moment, Not in your Head
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Live Life in the Moment, Not in your Head
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“Thank you Aneesa for your kindness and patience, while getting me through this journey, providing me with a safe space to start to heal”

“I have been able to regain confidence to face colleagues and patients, friends and family. The sessions were really helpful as it helped me to manage my stress, overthinking, confidence issues, social anxiety. These sessions help me to stay grounded. Ms. Aneesa was my life line back to work”

“Aneesa is very kind and understanding. Makes such a difference to be able to relax and open up to her”

“Emotions were validated and listened to. Having another perspective was really useful for me. Aneesa listened and prompted questions- although uncomfortable- that made me stop and re think and gave me more insight. I hope you realise how much progress I made with your help”

“Aneesa made me feel at ease, I didn’t feel judged. She was able to get me to work what was going on in my head without putting words in my mouth. I am very grateful”

“I am no longer at the mercy of my anxiety and have learnt techniques to control my stress levels at work. I have told all my junior doctor colleagues about the service”

“I feel listened to and I am now trying new things. Thank you for giving me my life back”

“Aneesa used creative interventions, not a one size fits all approach and had a soft but probing manner that really worked for me”

“Of all the different therapy services I have tried through my GP or work, working with Aneesa has singularly been the most beneficial in helping me to recover”

“Thank you for being a light at the end of the tunnel"

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