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Live Life in the Moment, Not in your Head
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Live Life in the Moment, Not in your Head
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Live Life in the Moment, Not in your Head
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Dr. Aneesa Shariff in the Media

As a cultural inclusivity expert, Dr. Aneesa has published research and been sought after by various media outlets to weigh in on cultural identity issues that Asian clients struggle with. Research has shown that people from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds are referred less frequently to NHS therapy services, make less progress in therapy, and tend to drop out of therapy early at higher rates than White British clients.

Dr Aneesa Shariff Psychologist4Dr. Aneesa has used her own published research and applied experience to speak passionately about how Asian clients struggle with cultural identity, building rapport with their therapist, culture blindness in therapists, and the lack of mandatory cross cultural training in Clinical Psychology programs. This can lead to clients feeling marginalised, misunderstood, cause them to terminate therapy early and develop negative views of therapy.

Dr. Aneesa enjoys connecting with the media and providing commentary on psychological issues to raise the profile of psychology and provide accurate, high quality mental health information. She is a sought after speaker in the press due to her expertise, polished and clear communication style, and her ability to forge positive and long lasting connections with members of the press. Below are some examples of recent media and podcast engagements.

If you are interested in having Dr. Aneesa as a guest expert on your podcast, social media channel, or news program, please get in touch using the contact form on the website!

Session: Brown Girls on the Rise

Jas Kaur, founder of Brown Girls Rising will be joined by Clinical Psychologist, Aneesa Shariff and Prof. Fawzia Afzal-Khan to explore taboo aspects of South Asian communities - including mental health, parental conflict, dating outside of your race, culture clashes and negotiating dual identities to live a life true to yourself.


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Screenshot 2023 07 30 at 13 21 32 BBC Radio 4 Culture on the Couch

Culture on the Couch

Journalist Ramaa Sharma explores how psychological talking therapies, which are based on the white, western model of universalism, often fail to help people from ethnic minorities.



Calling things out as they are. Real. Authentic. Maybe too authentic for some. On 2AUTHENTIC we discuss taboos and relevant topics without any filter. In episode nine of the podcast Jas and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Aneesa Shariff explore the roots of South Asian parenting practices. Both discuss tips and strategies for South Asian women to deal with the pressures and expectations they face within their families and communities.


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